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''Fabulous Dinner Fado Tour'' - Kathy B

Highly recommend taking this tour based from Alfama Destination Hostel, delicious food and wine at dinner and chef sings fado! Short walk to fado show for nice intimate show with more food and wine. Anna was a great tour guide and the staff at Sunset hostel walked us yo the dinner to ensure that we could find the place located in a residential courtyard.

''Excellent tour with a knowledgable Guide'' - Jesse B

I visited Lisbon not really knowing what to expect or where to go. For this reason I decided to go on a few tours, something I do not normally do. All I can say is I am very glad to have made this decision as I had an amazing experience. I took the Sintra and Street Art tours with Zé as my guide. He clearly had done a lot of research and was passionate about the art and the culture of the area. Overall a fantastic experience and I recommend to anyone that they should take these tours if they would like to learn something extra about Lisbon.

''Sintra Tour'' - Kathy B

We drove to Sintra and then to Cabo da Roca from there, and then by the coast back to Lisbon. In Sintra there was so much to see, that there wasn't just enough time for everything, but Quinta da Regaleira with it's gardens was amazing. Food for imagination. Sintra's nature was incredible, I would like to go there again and just walk in that forest. Cabo da Roca was a very impressive place too, could have spent there more time there also just staring at the sea. All in all, I really enjoyed this day and recommend Sintra tour with Lisbon Destination Tours.

''Art that takes your breath away by its brilliancy and stupendousness'' - spreaddiversity

What an inspiration, to get to know Lisbon from the side of street art. Art that shows how some people grapple with world's grave problems and meanwhile process thoughts and emotions into gorgeous pieces of wall. Or art that simply takes your breath away by its brilliancy and stupendousness. I have rarely been so overwhelmed and moved.

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